Item: #10008 – Colt 1851 Navy
Caliber: .36
Type: Revolver
Condition: Excellent
Overall: 13 inches
Barrel: 7.5 inches
Serial: #212764
Stock: Walnut
Style: Pistol

The Colt 1851 model belt pistol popularly known by collectors as the Colt 1851 Navy pistol or simply as the 51 Navy in my opinion is of all the Colt models produced, the most beautifully graceful firearm in my collection.

This 4th model Serial# 212764 represents the ultimate improvement resulting from the use and experience of the previous three models. It’s popularity among collectors of Colts is supreme.

Light in weight, well balanced and increased power over the previous pocket pistol models. The basic model is an .36 calibre, 6 shot engraved cylinder by W.L. Ormsby’s navel battle scene. 7 ½” blued barrel, cylinder and trigger. The steel frame, hammer and loading lever are case-hardened. The brass backstrap, brass trigger guard are silver plated with safety pins between cap nipples to prevent accidental discharge. The wood grips are made from walnut and varnished. Overall length is 13 inches. Weight is 2 lb 9 oz.

This is a Hartford made London proofed. The gun comes in a British made oak case and powder flask made by J. Barlow.